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Creating a new 'wave' of seaweed learners with H-Farm (Europe's leading Innovation, Education and Entrepreneurship hub)

Updated: Jun 29

Algae Scope is delighted to partner with

H-Farm at their new 'H-Marina' at Portegrandi, Veneto (Italy) to help build a sustainable marina by cultivating seaweed and spreading awareness of its many benefits. H-Farm recently took over the marina, which is now part of its broader campus, and aims to develop it into an innovative marine ecosystem near the Venetian Lagoon.

For the past few months, Algae Scope has been testing algae cultivation of the local Ulva species. The water, tidal flow and temperature conditions have proved generally favourable for cultivation, and we've been able to test various pieces of low-cost and low-maintenance equipment to determine the most optimal method of use and continuous measurement of data.

Our tests at this site add to several other pilots that we are conducting across the lagoon, all of which are very promising. This is great news in terms of Co2 absorption, the reduction of pollutants in the water, and increased biodiversity. To determine the most suitable bioproducts, we are now lab testing the biomass.

Aerial view of H-Marina (Source:

Our partnership with H-Farm also presents an opportunity to ensure that the next generation have a firm grasp of the importance of sustainable solutions, particularly those relating to algae.

We are committed to changing the narrative from 'seaweed as a problem' to 'seaweed as a solution - for the environment and for industries'.

For this reason, Algae Scope plans to share our knowledge, enthusiasm and generate awareness by developing an interactive walk through the cultivation area, opportunities to try practical experiments with algae, and learn more via fun and engaging exhibits and videos.

It's our aim to develop informative content for 3-18 year olds and foster creativity and innovation for people of all ages.

If we have inspired you to find out more about the incredible benefits of seaweed, we recommend a great book, 'The Seaweed Revolution' by Vincent Doumeizel. There's also an Italian version of the book 'La rivoluzione delle alghe'. It's available in many major bookstores and online.

Stay tuned for further updates!

If you are keen to support our work, please click here to 'donate'. All funds, no matter how big or small, will go towards the cultivation and seeding process that commences at H-Marina in September 2024. Thank you!


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