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"Exploring the Potential of a Circular Blue Economy: How Can We Create Growth Through Macroalgae?"

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Let's take a look at the big picture of our vision!

How can algae farms benefit the entire community? It's our aim at Algae Scope to show you how every aspect of a macroalgae farm can be used to boost the economy and the environment.

We're in the early stages of establishing algae farming in the Venetian Lagoon and we intend to document our progress via our blogs so that our readers can join us on the journey and better understand our approach and services.

We're starting with a small test plot as we need to firstly establish the extent to which algae can grow effectively in the area that we intend to develop. We also explore multiple species that are growing locally so that we can compare and contrast the results.

A bit of scepticism still exists about the benefits of seaweed cultivation because of the city's need to protect the lagoon given its status as a UNESCO World Heritage site and due to the importance of making sure (as much as possible) that unintended consequences are eliminated. Also, previous attempts to cultivate seaweed didn't consider the larger scale use of seaweed biomass by regional industries, so we're providing the city with a new approach.

Venice's small size and unique location in the sea means that it already has a great marine infrastructure to transport and use the biomass quickly. Our intention is to bring new job opportunities and revenue streams to the community by establishing seaweed farming in Venice and many local industries will benefit too through the creation of sustainable bioproducts.

Marine macroalgae have attracted significant interest as a viable resource for biofuel and value-added chemical production due to their abundant availability, low production costs, and high carbohydrate and lipid content. (Pravin & Basker, 2023)

Biofuels and bioenergy can be derived from macroalgae through various bio- and thermochemical methods - we'll talk about some of the associated processes in another of our blogs.

Macroalgal biomass and product creation also support job creation within the local community due to the need for off-season work. Thus, employment rates have the ability to increase within coastal communities. These bioproducts create new businesses and help industries to reach carbon neutrality further bettering the surrounding environment.

Checkout the List of Bioproducts we can offer through our expertise.

Concept of "Blue Natural Capital"

Around the world, we experienced the loss of seabeds, kelp forests, and loss of biodiversity. Growing seaweed, is a low investment to set up, and has been practiced for centuries around the world. Investments in rebuilding marine life will return an estimated 10 euros for each euro invested. (One Ocean Foundation, 2023).

The amount of CO2 that blue ocean space can absorb, and the great return through ocean restoration and biodiversity creation is attracting significant attention through a framework Blue Natural Capital Positive Impacts Framework. This promotes the idea that the richness of ocean nature is the capital of a country. Wouldn't it be great if we can use this concept to grow macroalgae to enrich the Blue Natural Capital, and also create sustainable product through local community?...

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